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Checking Out Library Books

Crownpoint High School encourages you to continue reading at home. Discover how you can check out books from the library!

Impact Aid-NM FY 2021

On April 15th GMCS received notification that the State will not be eligible to take credit for Impact Aid in FY21 (current fiscal year). This determination is in response to GMCS’ request for hearing and subsequent filings regarding the State’s submittal in March of 2020. Among other significant issues, the State did not file its request timely to the US Department of Education per federal statute, and their preliminary approval has been revoked by USDOE.
GMCS Board and Administration will continue to work every day to provide necessary resources to assure a quality education for all students.
The State or any adversely impacted LEAs have 60 days to request a hearing related to this ruling.

16-18 Year olds can now get the Covid Vaccine

If you are 16 or older, you can help end the COVID-19 pandemic. How? Get vaccinated! It will protect you from illness and protect our community from dangerous variants in the coronavirus. The sooner everyone eligible is vaccinated, the sooner we get back to the things we love.
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